The Book Of Pottytalk

by Co Wagulate

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released March 13, 2012

Kyle Beckhorn and Helios Wilson Levick



all rights reserved


Co Wagulate Bellingham, Washington

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Track Name: Divorce Texas
Salinity default...
Atrocitys immeasurable, animosity another tumultuous velocity to meet your real father: A soldier who soldered your courage to a poncho. Go and ponder the Forage!

Ferns forever growing slowing down the river flowing. The giver of the sliver in the future of whichever bodypart feels the cold --------- of divorce. It's never just the ring of course. But have you ever felt light like a camel, enamaled to your tooth? hobo smart, shopping cart, just 'cause you made it doesn't make it art.

Specific german cats in plastic back packs, saxamaphones play drones in sepia toned streets. The phoney bones cloned to echo in every home DELETE! Hover master over every man encased in plaster....

Texas Smashes imposters and fosters children born unto flame.
emancipating the blame is a game you will lose if you choose to stay in one place, yet you'll scrape the residue of former failures off your face and try again to stand, fully deranged in the face of the absence of rain.
first buying boots impossibly built to cut deep gashes into the clay, solid limestone opens at the touch of leather scented with hay, exposing bones so used to that pre historic weather ( little white bones burning under the sun) Minerals burn and turn to circuits, Fossils fuel the earths emergence

Corrective sights, tangled up with mock flights, simulated base, wait!
Don't scratch, scar, fragment your face! Out of placement in this phase I taste. Outer space! chased halfway, only to be erased! vanished canister holding planets that blur remote sound stuck sorrow, at the pound force pressed to the chest candlewax distort, try to ply sunder sky.
Track Name: Fangled Obule
Sittin' by the campfire....

enormous woman
church brunch
Hallejlula Amen
bible study, sermon
Mormon Buddy
cruddy defects
young man mind your manners!
Track Name: Poesis Atticus
Throw a Poesis
grow a pair of tits
sit an shit a brick
make an instant hit

at it, looking in the attic for a time
to break the padlock, lick the broken stick
flicking boogers, ramboeoeunctious, small tick!
blood bubble in a fee bond frond sick
lilly livered lips gobble on a floating log pond
kill your neihbors lawn

Rhonda pawned a honda panda and an anaconda in a sauna
i'm gonna vote on a photon at dawn, flop on a futon at dusk
sleep in a vial and spawn endless piles of dust
Track Name: Super Market Catastophy
Piddly Fiddly diddly ding! that's the answer, your pants are, up around your middle like a 30s dancer, riding around from here to france-er, where ever the aristocrats have house cats like a panther,


Obliterate, pass the steak, I aint seen meat in 33 days.

At the super market, doughnut magnet.
throw my food on the floor, don't bag it
stagnant, plastic, tube of chapstick,
melting in the shopping basket.

Abusive zeus, seduces gooses, gushin' gooey juices, from their cabooses

Size it up!
you afraid of number one
Who's numbed hand guns come bullets
gobble gulps down gullets
in the valley of the setting sun

State the stack! Pack your sharkskin sack and get back to the vapid druid droids, never net weight poids, all employed by th supermarket darkness void.

" you have to be held accountable "

Problem child, goblins implode, discipline gone wild filed and honed,
toned down personality, torqued reality..
in the center of the galaxy.

Smother Smoldering embers, send yer bark peeled from cold ring timbers...
...Engender Limber fibs baby bibs slurp purple snoooottt.